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30th-May-2008 11:14 pm - Writer's Block: Perfect Sandwich
Describe your perfect sandwich, layer by layer.
Ok...first of all, it would have to be from Subway and Subway only.
The  top layer and bottom layer would I guess be the sub roll, then just roast beef and American cheese slices and salt. 
26th-May-2008 06:32 pm - Writer's Block: For the Day Off...
If you've got Monday off, how are you spending it, and with whom?
 Well, today all I did was put songs on my iPod, read some Absolute Boyfriend (yeah, I'm into AB now) and get sick from drinking too much soda. D:
23rd-May-2008 11:10 pm(no subject)
What were you doing right before you started this survey?
I was on Gaia in the Lifestyle Discussion.

Ever get mad at something that happen years ago?
Of course.

What do you order on your pizza?
I just get a regular cheese pizza, but I take off the cheese.

What the kind of soda you drink most often?
Pepsi...I'm drinking some right now.

If you took a picture under your bed what would we see?

In your gym class, do you get to pick your own activities or does everyone has to participate in the same activity? 
We have to participate in the same activity..

If your Chemistry teacher asked you to smell some mysterious chemical/liquid/etc, would you?

Do you freak out if a bee/wasp flies near you?

Have you ever swallowed a piece of ice whole?
Yes, it felt awesome. But I could feel it melting. D:

What was the last piece of clothing you bought?
A shirt

If someone dropped $200 in front of you would you stop them?
I'd take it and run.

What time did you fall asleep last night?
9pm I think

If myspace starts making you pay would you still use it?
Don't have one

Who do you text the most?
I e-mail one of my bffs, Domi, the most

Do you say hi first to people or do they have to speak first?
I let them say hi first.

Name 3 things you ate today.
Nachos, a airheads fruit-roll-up sour thingie and Smartfood.

Do you think places like New York City and California are overrated?

Have you ever had your eyes dilated?

Does it bother you when you text somebody and they take forever to text back?

Whose graduation will you be attending next?

Do you get sick after riding a roller coaster?
No, I run for the one next to it. D:

Don't you hate when people assume you're jealous of somebody just because you dislike them?

What do you think of girls sixteen and younger going on birth control?
That's sad...

Who do you think looks better: really, skinny toothpick girls or full figure girls? 
In the middle.

Do your legs get really itchy after shaving them?

Do you ever have that one teacher that loved to humiliate their students?
I currently have one

How old were you when you got your drivers' license (if you have it)?

Are you one of those people obsessed with Harry Potter or the Twilight series?

Have you ever tripped, running up the stairs?
No, it was running down them

Do you like the majority of the people you go to school with?
In 10ths, I like 6/10

Were you ever forced to read The Scarlet Letter in school?

Do you think some people are crazy for wearing jeans in the summer?
No, I do.

Have you ever gotten a sunburn so bad it hurt to move?

Do the seniors at your school get out earlier than the underclassmen?

By the way, when is your last day of school?

Do your parents let you sleep in on weekends/in the summer or do they make you get up by a certain time?
They let me sleep in, but I go on the computer all day

If you have a little sister, does she follow you around and copy everything you do?
Don't have a sister

Would you ever work at a fast food joint?
If the pay was good. : /

Could you sit through a whole episode of MTV's Scarred without getting squirmish?
LOLWUT's Scarred?

Have you ever used a bow and arrow?

Is there somebody that texts/calls you 24/7?

What song could you listen to over and over and never get sick of it?
"One More Time" by Daft Punk and "Girls" by Jay-Z

Do you like the person whose locker is below yours?

Has anyone ever hung up on you? 
I don't use the phone anymore. ------> E-mail

Would you ever spend the night in an old, abandoned house that was rumored to be haunted? 
If there was a cash prize. I don't believe in ghosts and the like anyways.

Have you ever paid for something in all change?
Yeah, but it was a Kit-Kat. (they cost 99 cents)

What was the last test you took for?
A math test

Do you seem to attract the old, pervy men?

Have you ever slipped and fallen on ice?

Who was the last person to call you beautiful?
I forget who, but they called me "pretty"

What accent is your favorite? 
I dunno

If you had to choose between going on a cruise to the Bahamas for a week or spending two week touring Europe, which would you pick? 
Two weeks touring Europe. I've been afraid of going on cruises/ships ever since I saw Titanic.

Do you know anybody that's a cheerleader? 

3rd-May-2008 12:28 am - Survey
Was the first person to text you today a boy or a girl?
No one

What is one question people always ask you?
"Are you a Japanese goth?" Answer: "No, I'm not. I'm preppy, dumbshit."

What is the 6th text in your inbox?

What's the last thing you said to someone in person & to who?

Name something you have to do tonight?
Finish this

Where is your cell phone?
Don't have one

Do you own an iPod?

What cd is currently in your cd player?
The last song I listened to on this computer was "Caramelldansen speedycake mix"

Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?
White milk

Has anyone told you a secret this week?
Yesterday I learned 5 secrets

When was the last time you had Starbucks?

Can you whistle?
Not very well

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?

Do you get along better with boys or girls?
Well, 56% guys, the rest of the percentage, girls. It's because I like video games.

Do you sleep on your stomach?

What are you listening to?

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
No one

Which of your friends lives closest to you?

What's bothering you right now?
Having to select this color and "B" every time I type

Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?
A week ago

What did you dream about last night?
I don't usually dream...=P

Does your phone ring in the middle of the night often?

What gets in your way of your sleeping?
My mattress

Do you know anyone that's married?

What's your favorite number?
5, 6 and 8.

Who was the last person that made you cry, why?
I forget

Where are you going to be at 4:00 tomorrow?
On the computer

What are some things you miss about your past?

Are you jealous of anyone?

Who was the last person you rode in the car with?
My dad

How many things in your past do you regret?

Do you have a best friend?
I have 5.

Has anyone ever seen you in your underwear?

What are you looking forward to?
This morning.

Who are the third and seventh texts (in box) in your phone from?
In  my e-mail, my third is from Domi and my seventh in junk mail

Are you upset with anyone?

Do you talk to the person you have a thing for?

Have you ever gone to court?

Do you get jealous easily?

Have you ever gone to the beach?

Do you remember your music teacher's name from elementary school?

How good is your eyesight?
My eyes are unbalanced. I see more with my left eye, and if I cover it up and try to see only with my right, everything's blurry

Would you ever want to swim with the sharks?
Uhhh no

Do you have a Honda, Toyota, or Nissan?
Can't drive yet, but I want a PT Cruiser (That's Chevy, right?)

Worst part about hugs?

Ditched school to do something more fun?

Is there someone you wish you could fix things with?

Is there anything in your past that you'd like to try again?

What's something that can always make you feel better?
A gossip magazine, a 1-liter of soda and a huge bag of Smartfood. (Then I have to work off the Smartfood, I gained like 5 pounds today!)

Do you have unlimited texting?

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Have you ever liked someone who treated you badly?
I used to

Do you fall for people easily?
Not really

Everything happens for a reason?

Do you live with both your parents?

Are you wearing jeans right now?
I'm wearing pink pj pants. They're cotton or flannel or something

Do you smile a lot?

Do you have any siblings?
Yes. Two.

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
School. It's my school tee and it has the name of it on it.

Can you go on Myspace from work/school?
Don't have one

Favorite flower?

Do you have a tattoo?

Are there things you can't live without?
Basic neccessities, soda, ED, friends and the Internets

Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
I have a little past shoulder length hair, and I like long hair

What happened at 10:00 am today?
I was at school

Is your family just a bundle of fun?
Not really

Have you talked to an asshole today?

Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?
Don't have a ex

Who's the last person you had a sleepover with?
My cousin

Are you crushing?

Do you use lyrics to express how you feel?
Hell no

Are you ashamed of your past?

Anyone close to you ever died?

Who's always there for you unconditionally?
My 5 best friends

What is your favorite TV show?
I have a couple. Best Week/Day Ever, THS Investigates, Family Guy, Lewis Black's Root Of All Evil and I Know My Kid's A Star.

Who was the last person you yelled at?
One of my guy-friends at school

What was the last compliment you recieved?

Are you going on vacation in the summer?
I might go to Boston to see my relatives this summer

When was the last time you saw your best friend?
12 hours ago

What's your full name?
Princess Kenzie Yo-Mamma SHOOP WOOP Lily The 568th

Are you happy right now?
Could be happier

What's the time?
12:46 am as I type these words

Do you trust people?
I trust a couple

What is something you say when you're mad?

What family member do you look like?
Hair- Mom
Eyes- Mom
Metabolism- Dad (had to include that)
Body Structure: No idea

What friend will be coming over to your house next?

Have you ever cried from being so mad?

What is your favorite beverage?

Have you ever seen your best friends cry?
Yes. Hell, one cried today.

Are you friends with your neighbors?
My next-door-neighbor? Definately not school-wise, but on the 4th of July my mom and his family and me go out on our lawns and we light Sparklers and stuff.

What do you do before you sleep?
Watch TV

Where have you lived throughout your life?
Yo mamma

Last piercing you got?

Where was your default picture taken?
It's a icon, really.

Have you ever tee-p'd someone's house?

Have you ever had a crush on your sister's/brother's friend?

What were you doing at 1am this morning?

Do you have any enemies?
Many online, a couple irl

What will you be doing tomorrow at this time?
Probably gonna be on here

When was the last time you drove more than 30 minutes?
I forget
1st-May-2008 10:58 pm - Yoooo
What's up? Tommorrow's Friday so a early TGIF.
We're learning how to play the guitar in Music at school...so far I can play some song by the band America.
 Oh, and I'm eating McDonalds BBQ Sauce right now. =P After I post this I'm gonna go on Encyclopedia Dramatica and read the articles about infamous users on here. ;D

1st-May-2008 10:52 pm - Writer's Block: Smashed
If you had a crowbar and could smash anything in your home or office, what would it be? Why?
 Probably my old Playstation. Because I can.
25th-Apr-2008 11:03 pm - Ok, so at school today...
 I saw these new art projects that had been put up...it had to include your name in it, apparently.
One of them had the Naruto character Deidara holding a sign with the Narutard's name on it.
I looked at it and thought "What a sad excuse for a person."

Well, that's it for my journal today. :D

25th-Apr-2008 11:01 pm - Writer's Block: Happy Friday
What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
 Tommorrow cuz I'm getting the supplies to finally work on a huge science project.
3rd-Apr-2008 07:25 pm - Writer's Block: Spring Cleaning
Are you planning on doing any spring cleaning this year? If so, please share a cleaning tip you swear by.
 Nope, I'm not planning on doing any cleaning cuz I'm lazy like that.

2nd-Apr-2008 09:37 pm - Am I preppy enough?

This is for you people at prepsrule :D

I can't put any pix because my parents don't want me to, but I can describe myself ;D


1. Name: Kenzie
2. Age:15
3. Straight/Bi/Gay?:Straight
4. Sex:Female
5. Status(pictures if u want): Single but am getting mixed signals from one of my guy-friends

1. Stores: Everywhere except Hot Topic..my fav stores are Hollister, Abercrombie, Wet Seal and American Eagle.
2. Music/Bands/Artists: Akon, T-Pain, Flo Rida, Chris Brown and OneRepublic but on the other hand I like techno
3. Movie: Epic Movie, all Scary Movies.
4. Color: Pink, yellow and orange.
5. Hobbie/Sports: Singing, IMing, shopping and talking with my friends
6. Animal: I like giant pandas. So cute!!.
7. Aim or Yahoo: AIM
8. Style: Preppy and casual
9. Candy: Kit-Kats
10. Actor/Actress: Michael Cera and the girl who was the main character is Step Up
11. Shoes you wear: Loads! Usually flats.

What do you think about:
1. Gay marriage: I think it's ok, but when stars like Rosie O' Donnell basically publicize the issue it gets annoying
2. The MODs: Lance sounds pretty cool, but I haven't heard of the other mods. :(
3. Taco Bell: Ewww, I only eat tacos when I have to and the only Mexican foods I like are nachos.
4. Snakes: Hate them.
5. Abortion: Against it. If the mother got raped, she should just give it up for adoption.
6. Sk8ers and punks: Skaters are ok (I can skateboard myself), but the punks are verrry annoying
7. Racism: Horrible! I heard that song "All Co--s Look Alike To Me" and it was completely awful!
8. Money:
Love it...it can buy happiness. ;D
9. Kmart: For clothes? Lulz, no thanks.
10. Thrift Stores:
Don't like the clothes in there but sometimes I find really weird, old games in there!


None sorry so I'll describe myself to the greatest extent...

I have light blonde hair, blue eyes, am kind of skinny and have a heart-shaped face. I'm tan on my arms and legs and the color I wear most is blue. :D

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